Graham Stannard

Graham Stannard is an experienced radio presenter and voice over artist based in the UK. Born in Rochford, Essex in 1974.

Graham Stannard is the most leading massager in London. He has huge experience with different massages. He also provide masseuse training in London.

Today’s men have hectic schedules as well as sedentary lifestyles, personal and professional mental demands, muscle fatigue, testosterone deficiency, and anxiety. These have become an integral part of all men’s lives.

However, scientific research and empirical knowledge informs us that, massage therapy can and will help you get your life back. A massage session by an expert will reduce stress, anxiety and also helps to get rid of muscle pain, cramps, and other health conditions such as hypertension, lower your cortisol (your stress hormone) levels. It will rejuvenate you and make you feel great.

Graham Stannard is one such professional who has helped his clients by offering relaxing massage services. He is an experienced professional with sheer expertise in one of the most relaxing Zen-Su style massage therapy. When you book a Graham Stannard massage session, de-stressing and freshness are guaranteed.

What Does Graham Stannard Do?

Graham offers his expert massage services only to men. As he feels he can relate to the physical and mental day-to-day stresses and issues that men face. His strong pressure and firm style is suitable for the male physique.

Graham Stannard masseuse is on a mission. He is a dedicated professional who wants people to live their lives at their best. It is Graham Stannard’s mission, and by offering soothing massage sessions, he is helping his clients take back control of their lives.

Expert at Japanese Chi Energy Healing


Apart from being a qualified massage practitioner, Graham Stannard is an expert at a popular Japanese chi energy healing therapy. He has been practicing it for over 15 years. Once you book a Graham Stannard massage session, you will feel great, energetic, alive, and rejuvenated.

“I have been seeing Graham for a couple of years now, and I am amazed! I have suffered from Migraines since I was 7. Now at the age of 40, after visits to the hospital and Doctors, prescribing me pain killers, Graham has cured this issue. I HAVE NOT HAD A MIGRAINE IN 4 YEARS!!! Thank you, Graham – relief.”

– Prem.

Graham Stannard Masseuse leverages his experience and expertise to find out issues that are troubling you. Being in the domain for 15 years, he will instantly know your pain points and ensure that you get all the benefits of a massage session. Also, he very well understands how to make their clients comfortable to talk about their issues and problems. You will open up to him freely as he will make you feel so comfortable during the session.

Graham Stannard Believes in Giving Back to Society!

In addition to that, Graham Stannard also provides massage sessions at different charity functions. Recently, he offered massage sessions at the Empowering Deaf Society event in Gants Hill, Essex. Also, he is a regular contributor at the Life Arts Mind, Body, Spirit events while supporting the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity in their well-being events in Chelmsford, Colchester and Woodbridge.

Graham Stannard masseuse is a thorough professional and knows his job very well. If you are looking for the finest massage session relaxing, comfortable, and rejuvenating, Graham Stannard is a name to remember. He will ensure that you take back a pain-free body and a relaxed mind. So, to all men out there, Graham Stannard is your choice when you are looking for a soul-satisfying massage session.